What We Do


We gather the derogatory items in your credit report and remove them for ever.


In 2007 Pronto Credit Repair was founded with the knowledge that consumers needed help navigating credit reports and consumer rights in a fair, effective and ethical way. We researched the industry and found the reputation was less than favorable. There were blogs everywhere that highlighted bad actors promising perfect credit and other unreasonable expectations.Our foundation is built on consumer advocacy; we always put our clients’ best interests first. Much of our business comes by referral and we work hard every day to provide the highest level of service to both our clients as well as our Finance and Real Estate referral partners.

Clients who enroll with PCR receive credit report audit methods that have been developed over 19 years of consumer litigation. We are not what is known as a “Dispute Letter Mill” that sends letters over and over to the Credit Reporting Agencies. We also do not limit or stagger your disputes in an attempt to keep you paying for our services over time.

What we do offer is a well constructed credit report audit that starts with a personal discovery call so that we can gather as much data on every item on your credit report. We address all items in our initial inquiry and follow up directly with your creditors and debt collectors. It is our goal to fully verify every item via written proof.

PCR will evaluate your responses to ensure there are no deceptive attempts made to verify information we request. The average process takes from 2-7 months. Everyone’s credit is unique and it would be impossible, as well as illegal, to quote exact audit times or score improvements.

PCR will also provide you with an action plan based on your personal profile and budget. It is vital to build a positive credit footprint while we work to audit your report. Failure to execute your action plan may severely hamper your results.

In short, it is our mission to exceed your expectations and help you accomplish your financial goals as quickly as possible with the highest level of customer service. We appreciate your interest and look forward to showing you the PCR difference.

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