Credit Building Program

How to rebuild and raise your FICO score the fastest way possible.

  1. Step 1 consist of new credit. I will introduce you to credit card merchants that will approve you no matter if you have collections, charge-offs, or any other negative item on your report. These merchants are trusted sources who provide credit to all my clients.
  1. Step 2 consist of types of credit. I will introduce you to approved regular credit cards, and a credit building loan that will satisfy the 10% of your FICO score. These added credit lines will enable you to receive the full 10% applied towards your FICO.
  1. Step 3 consist of amount owed. After I have introduced you to merchants who will give you between $5,000 –  $20,000 in credit the amount you owe will be minimal. I will make sure your Debt to Credit ratio is tipped higher on the credit side, enabling you to take advantage the full 30% towards your FICO.
  1. Step 4 consist of length of credit history. After adding many credit lines, all you have to do next is pay them on time and age them. The credit history basically mean how long have these credit lines been on your report reporting positive information to the credit bureaus. This will provide you that 15% of your FICO.
  1. Step 5 consist of payment history. Make sure you pay all your credit lines on time. I will share with you secretes of the trade so that you are never late again. And if for any reason you are late, I will show you how to remove those late payments. 35% of your FICO score consist of payment history, this means if you’re ever late, that late payment will drag your FICO score Negative – 50 to -80  points.


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The benefits of having good credit

  • Get approved for cars or a house
  • The secrete of going from $300 credit cards to $5,000 -$10,000 credit cards
  • Get approved for anything you want or need

In average, my students obtain $10,000 more than their friends and family. Don’t wait, call now. $150 is a small fee for a lifetime of benefits. This type of  credit education is something that’s not tough at schools anywhere. This program is ideal for teenagers and or adults.



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